A welcoming wine bar for locals & expats alike!

A welcoming wine bar for locals & expats alike!

Au Ballon Rouge is found on 2 Rue de la Procession on the corner of the Place du Marché and is a lovely wine bar/ Restaurant in the Expat rich town of Saint Germain en Laye. If you're a new expat arriving to the area, this square is the heart of the town and as the sun comes out, the people watching on the terraces begin, which is a common French tradition.

For the upcoming holidays, the Spring that we have been longing for is finally coming (we hope that the meteo is right this time)! and the weather promises to be kind to us next week with temperatures up to 24° C. If you’re not going away and are wandering through the streets of St. Germain, you may want to stop by at this lovely little wine bar.

The Ballon Rouge has a beautiful wine list and is a nice place to go to enjoy a drink after work or meet a group of friends at the weekend for a brunch or an apéro. A few of us went there after a school event and had a whole bunch of kids with us but the servers were totally unfazed by their presence and were very friendly. What was meant to be a quick drink turned out to be a long evening as we were all seduced by the cozy ambiance and their good taste in wines!

It is also a good lunch place where you can enjoy sitting on their little terrace or appreciate the lively ambiance inside. The Ballon Rouge does traditional french bar food at night, i.e platters of cold meats, cheeses & baguette or maybe a plate of Oysters or a salad amongst others. Their lunch menu may not be very extensive but their homemade quiches and their daily specials are always fresh and delicious.

For the sports fans out there, they even screen matches but the clientele are very discreet when someone scores so you need to be in front of the TV to know what’s going on. We have always enjoyed our visits there and we hope you will enjoy your visits there too!

A definite recommendation from Time4unow!

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