Fancy a day trip?

Fancy a day trip?

Montfort L’Amaury

Chavenay-5 december 2017

As picturesque as it gets!

What shall we do this Saturday afternoon? You may think, lying around on the sofa doing nothing and looking out at a clear blue sky with the sun rays beaming in through the window is enough for you. Well, we at Time4UNow have a tip for you which may want to get you off the sofa!

Not far from the busy town of St. Germain-en-Laye you will find the charming little village of Montfort L’Amury, north of the forest of Rambouillet, in an area of hills between woods and crops. Visiting Montfort L’Amaury is a must for anyone visiting or staying in the Paris region.

The town has become a chic destination, as demonstrated by its many antique shops and typical "country" restaurants. But the town has many historical attractions to offer it’s visitors and before heading off to one of the charming restaurants, you might enjoy a visit to the Saint-Pierre church with its 37 magnificent windows dating from the 16th century. You will also discover charming medieval-style half-timbered houses, as well as private residences where celebrities such as Victor Hugo, Jean Anouilh and especially Maurice Ravel lived. It was in this small medieval town that Maurice Ravel composed many of his famous works and while in town you must not miss the Maurice Ravel museum which is the house where the famous composer used to live for over fifteen years.

So now you have been strolling around town and maybe the nearby forest of Rambouillet and you feel it is time for lunch, but where to go?
Well, we would suggest for you to go in to the magical place of Chi fan this time of year. The decor is like stepping into the cartoon of ”TinTin and the blue Lotus”, Very exotic and different but very charming, and most important, amazing food!!
If you are not in the mood for Asian cuisine, why not just go to any of the small ”brasseries” around the little square just by the church, and enjoy a hot ”soup à l’onion” and a typical ”café gourmand” as dessert.

Bon apetit!